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Cry, the Beloved Country

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Double-Entry Journals

Double Entry Journals are primarily used for response: the difference betwixt this and other journals is that you must include an entry of what you are responding to as well as your response. The layout of your journal is up to you, though it MUST be consistent: you may either divide your paper down the middle and write two different columns, or write your prompts and responses underneath each other as long as you use different colors or highlight one of them or something.
    Q: How many points is this worth?
    A: I knew somebody would ask this. Sigh. I dislike points, but I do believe that the importance of this assignment must be emphasized. Thus, it is worth 200 points altogether: 75 for Book I, 65 for Book II, and 60 for Book III. It will be collected the day after you read Chapter 17, and then after you finish the book.
    Q: Can I put this in my regular journal?
    A: No. This is to be separate. I would REALLY prefer that you get a separate notebook for it rather than use loose sheets of paper. IF, however, you do use loose sheets, please put them in a binder: I will not accept a stapled sheaf.
So what do I respond to?
    A: You should include the following in your journal as you read:
        1) The significance of the biblical allusions
        2) Responses to any passages that you find interesting or that you can relate to somehow; they may be quotes that you agree or disagree with, or an idea that you find attractive or repulsive for some reason.
        3) Responses to any passages that relate to any of the themes below (please indicate in your entry that this is a thematic response):
            a. man's separation from nature
            b. the breakdown of tribal culture
            c. the importance of suffering as a catalyst for personal growth
        4) Pro-apartheid or anti-apartheid sentiments expressed in the novel. For each, compare/contrast them with American attitudes as you see them.
   Q: Why are we always doing journals of one kind or another?
   A: Writing clarifies thinking. I want you to think. So there.
    Q: How long do the responses have to be, if I'm the type of person who does the minimum amount of work possible to get a good grade?
    A: Such a question reveals that you are interested in a grade rather than learning. If your focus is on interacting with the literature and applying it to your own life, then you will learn much, cease to worry about the length, and write intelligent responses that will coincidentally earn you a high grade.

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