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Cry, the Beloved Country

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The Hobbit

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Welcome, Gentle Friends, to the Extra Juicy Electronic Unit on
Cry, the Beloved Country.

More than anything else we have read so far, this novel is relevant to our political past and our future--for it addresses the question of how peoples of different races may live in harmony with each other. It also begs the question of whether humanity can live in harmony with nature: the populationn explosion and its concurrent urbanization carry high ecological price tags.
        There are assignments related to each of the links below. Directions will always be in the color of the text you are reading now--be sure to always read them.

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Annotated Outline
Understanding the biblical allusions in the novel
Universal Declaration of Human Rights
Double-Entry Journal
Non-Profit Organizations: Makin' Earth Swell!
Literary Parallels
Allusions to Abraham Lincoln
Responses to Cry, the Beloved Country
Become a Cartographer!
Research Paper

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