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Cry, the Beloved Country

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The Hobbit

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My Doggies

I have two dogs. They snort, they snore, they lose 37.9% of the water in their body every day by drooling, and they're dangerously close to being toxic in their flatulence--but they make up for all this by being almost insufferably cute.

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This is Emily, my Boston Terrier. She loves to play Tug of War with ropes and chase tennis balls and such. I think she's rather obsessive-compulsive about it. Here she is settling down to give her favorite rope a good chewing out.

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This is Teddy. He's a black pug and incredibly stupid. He gets away with a lot because it's hard to stay mad when he gives you a look like this.

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Emily's curious about this odd thing I'm holding in front of my face. It's called a CAMERA, Em.

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I hope the flash doesn't make him go blind. He's so dumb he won't even blink until tomorrow. But look how cute he is!